The haiku. As timeless as advertising itself.

Quick literature fact: The haiku as we know it today was taken from the 1500s poet Matsuo Bashō’s hokku and re-purposed into a standalone form of poetry called haiku by late 19th century Japanese poet, Masaoka Shiki. It’s typical to see one about a time of year or season, where the last sentence can contradict the first two. Of course, that’s the classic way to drop these amazing 5-7-5’s. Sociopoet does it a little different. Wait, back up. What’s a 5-7-5? It’s a term of endearment we use to illustrate the five syllable-seven syllable-five syllable pattern the haiku follows. While we won’t often write about the weather (unless your company sells solar panels), we will stick to 5-7-5 because anything less is uncivilized.

Check this out…

Brand campaign unsure,
Sales have tumbled over cliff,
We need haiku help.

Why hasn't anyone merged the two ancient arts of haiku and advertising together?

Good question. It’s presumed they have, but not in any universal initiative such as Sociopoet undertakes. A scant haiku here and there is one thing, but to begin a haiku revolution is something else altogether. Will you join us?

Then when, where and what.

You’ll see the custom haiku on our Twitter page and our Facebook page – complete with relevant hashtags and company mentions. This will be seen by our followers, those keeping tabs on certain hashtags and should be retweeted on your company’s Twitter page as soon as possible. That last part is key. Your friends may not be our friends (yet) and they deserve to see your award-winning haiku.

That may be all you want. A little Twitter and Facebook haiku love. But wait, there’s definitely more! If we’ve used your product or service in the past, we’ll throw in this same glowing haiku on Yelp and Google reviews for FREE via the personal accounts our fearless leader, published writer and produced screenwriter Brennan McMahon.

Sociopoet is out to do something different. A unique endeavor where we want to work with people who aren’t afraid to dare to dream. We get that old school marketing can work and we aren’t here to replace all that. Who’d want to? We’re minimalist (hence the one-page website) and we love supplementing existing campaigns to get your brand out there in a fun, creative way. Join the haiku revolution. Use the contact form at the bottom or message us on Twitter now!

Introduction Videos

Sociopoet also offers introduction videos – just like the one at the top! There’s no better way to spice up your website or Facebook page banner than with a dynamic, entertaining and info-packed video to tell people what you’re about.

Here’s one we did for our dog boarding client Woodlands Doggie Village:

Social Media Content Production

Timing. Creativity. A little bit of luck. Creating compelling, relevant and engaging content is more of a science experiment than a social one. You can’t throw something together between meetings, during lulls in the day or quickly before the lunch rush hits. Social media is a powerful, widespread and trend-devouring tool that can either boost your brand awareness, or bury your brand altogether. As a small business owner wearing a dozen hats already, managing your social accounts pretty much means you need another one. Who needs that many hats?

Not a pitch, just a promise: Our social posts are about bringing the customer closer to you. Run by a writer, Sociopoet puts the story – your story – in the lead and lets it take people on a journey. Whether it’s a fun little haiku or a more detailed post, it won’t be boring. It’ll be unique, different and better. Sort of what you want people to equate with your business, right?

Let us help tell your story.

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